Suzannah Wood

Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry, University of Oregon
Supervisor: Dave Johnson


B.A. in Chemistry and Physics, Cornell College, Iowa, 2013

Honors and Awards

Phi Beta Kappa, Member of Delta of Iowa Chapter, 2012
Smith Fellow in Physics, Cornell College, 2011
Mortar Board, Cornell College, 2011


  1. Wood, S. R.; Merrill, D. R.; Falmbigl, M.; Moore, D. B.; Ditto, J.; Esters, M.; Johnson, D. C. Tuning Properties through Control of TiSe 2 Thickness in (BiSe) 1+δ (TiSe 2 ) n Compounds. Chem. Mater. 2015, 27 (17), 6067–6076 
  2. Bauers, S. R.; Wood, S. R.; Jensen, K. M. O.; Blichfeld, A. B.; Iversen, B. B.; Billinge, S. J. L.; Johnson, D. C. Structural Evolution of Iron Antimonides from Amorphous Precursors to Crystalline Products Studied by Total Scattering Techniques. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137, 9652–9658 
  3. Jensen, K. M. Ø.; Blichfeld, A. B.; Bauers, S. R.; Wood, S. R.; Dooryhée, E.; Johnson, D. C.; Iversen, B. B.; Billinge, S. J. L. Demonstration of thin film pair distribution function analysis (tfPDF) for the study of local structure in amorphous and crystalline thin films. IUCrJ 2015, 2 (5)
  4. Valley, N. A.; Blower, P. G.; Wood, S. R.; Plath, K. L.; McWilliams, L. E.; Richmond, G. L. Doubling down: Delving into the details of diacid adsorption at aqueous surfaces. J. Phys. Chem. A 2014, 118 (26), 4778–4789
  5. Blower, P. G.; Ota, S. T.; Valley, N. A.; Wood, S. R.; Richmond, G. L. Sink or surf: Atmospheric implications for succinic acid at aqueous surfaces. J. Phys. Chem. A 2013, 117 (33), 7887–7903

Posters and Presentations

  1. Wood, S.R.; et al. Understanding aerosol surfaces: Dicarboxylic acid adsorption behavior at an air/water interface. American Chemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 2013.

Mentoring Experience

Alex Lygo, University of Oregon, Spring 2015 – Present
Jake Orlowicz, University of California – Santa Barabara, SMaRT Camp Summer 2015

Teaching Experience

Honors General Chemistry, Winter Term 2016
Inorganic Chemistry, Fall Term 2015
General Chemistry Laboratory, Winter Term 2015
Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Fall Term 2013, Winter Term 2014, Spring Term 2014


B022 Lewis Integrated Science Building, University of Oregon