WUSTL: Washington University in St. Louis

The Hayes laboratory has a 7 T (300 MHz) and 13.9 T (600 MHz) vertical bore magnet with both 2 and 3 channel MAS probes (2.5 to 9 mm rotors) capable of probing virtually any NMR active nuclei. In addition to the two vertical bore magnets, the lab has two horizontal bore magnets at 3 T and 4.7 T which are situated next to a laser table to provide optical access to the sample. As a complement to the commercial probe capability, the lab can modify/built specialty probes for any NMR nuclei, temperature, pressure, optical access, etc.

Washington University also houses the liquids WUSTL NMR Facility with five modern multi-nuclear Varian spectrometers with field strengths from 7.05-14.1 Tesla. The spectrometers are equipped with Sun Microsystems computers and are networked to the Chemistry Computing Facility (CCF) for offline data archival and processing.

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OPNMR lab:

4.7 T and 3 T Horizontal Oxford Superconducting Magnets placed next to optics table with CW lasers and monochromator. Home built NMR probes capable of probing any NMR active nuclei with simultaneous laser irradiation. The NMR samples are held in a recirculating cryostat capable of holding samples at 5-300 K with optical access. The optical equipment includes two continuous wave lasers and a frequency doubler providing excitation wavelengths from ~350-1100 nm and collection optics to detect both intensity and polarization of photoluminescence from samples.