• The Materials Synthesis and Characterization Facility (MASC) is a comprehensive resource that serves as both an open user facility and an innovation center.  MASC faculty and staff provide deep experience in thin-film deposition, device fabrication, and materials analysis, serving as a hub for materials and device development on the Oregon State University campus.


  • Our NMR Facility houses five modern multi-nuclear Varian spectrometers with field strengths from 7.05-14.1 Tesla. The spectrometers are equipped with Sun Microsystems computers and are networked to the Chemistry Computing Facility (CCF) for offline data archival and processing.

  • CAMCOR is a full-service, comprehensive materials characterization center. We house capital-intensive equipment for microanalysis, surface analysis, electron microscopy, semiconductor device fabrication, as well as traditional chemical characterization. We are open to outside clients and have remote access capabilities, which allow you to interface directly with the experts and the instrument in real time. The CAMCOR facilities provide enabling infrastructure for research in chemistry, geology, archaeology, nanoscience, materials science, bioscience, and optics.

  • "Both surface and thin film characterization has been performed to help better understand the growth, patterning and processing mechanisms. We employ a powerful range of tools for characterization.”

  • The College of Science works in partnership with the Research Office and others to support key university capabilities that allow our researchers and students to make discoveries that contribute to a healthier, more environmentally sound and technologically advanced world. The instrumentation and fabrication abilities we offer are world-class, and a point of pride for us — not only do we stay on the cutting edge of technology, our labs and equipment are available to faculty and students in the entire OSU community.