Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong

Paul Ha-Yeon CheongAssistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University


AB, Bowdoin College, 2001
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 2007
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles, 2007-2009

Honors and Awards

Hypercube scholar award, 2001
John Stauffer Fellowship, 2006
Thomas L. and Ruth F. Jacobs Award, 2007
Vicki and Patrick F. Stone Scholar, 2011

Research Interests

Our group contributes computational and theoretical expertise to the CSMC research mission, offering fundamental understanding for both aqueous metal hydroxide clusters and amorphous oxide semiconductors, and translating discoveries to guide experimental efforts by research groups within the CSMC and beyond. While research in the group is computational, the ultimate goals in each area have broad scientific interest: first, we aim to develop a complete understanding of metal hydroxide clusters such that computations are no longer necessary to predict experimental outcomes or properties of these clusters; second, we are working to derive relationships between local structures in amorphous materials and their bulk electronic properties, providing direction for future synthesis of new semiconducting materials by inverse design.

CSMC Research Thrusts

Understanding Strucutral Evolution/Interdiffusion
Solution Characterization (M13 Clusters)
Dielectrics and Semiconductors

Recent Center Publications

  1. Wang, W.; Liu, W.; Chang, I-Y.; Wills, L.A.; Zakharov, L.N.; Boettcher, S.W.; Cheong, P.H.-Y.; Fang, C.; Keszler, D.A. Electrolytic synthesis of aqueous aluminum nanoclusters and in situ characterization by femtosecond Raman spectroscopy & computations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2013, 110 (46), 18397-18401.
  2. Jackson, M. N., Jr.; Wills, L. A.; Chang, I. Y.; Carnes, M. E.; Scatena, L. F.; Cheong, P. H.; Johnson, D. W., Identifying nanoscale M13 clusters in the solid state and aqueous solution: vibrational spectroscopy and theoretical studies. Inorganic Chemistry 2013, 52, 6187-6192.
  3. Wang, W.; Chang, I. Y.; Zakharov, L.; Cheong, P. H.-Y.; Keszler, D. A., [Sc2(μ-OH)2(H2O)6(NO3)2](NO3)2: Aqueous Synthesis and Characterization. Inorganic Chemistry 2013, 52, 1807-1811.

Recent Press

  1. "Breakthrough in study of aluminum should yield new technological advances" OSU Today: October 2013



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