Sophia Hayes - ACS St. Louis Award


Reprinted from STLACS newsletter

Report on the 2015 St. Louis Award Symposium and Banquet

The St. Louis Award Symposium was held in Lauderman Hall at Washington University on Friday 16, October, preceding the St. Louis Award Banquet. There were more than 50 in attendance.

Section Chair Dr. Pegah Jalili welcomed those assembled and provided some general introduction. Then Dr. William Buhro, Chemistry Department Chair at Washington University introduced the awardee, Dr. Sophia Hayes of Washington University. She set the stage for the Symposium by pointing out that she had invited one senior colleague/collaborator from Oregon State University and then a number of local researchers. She indicated that she hoped that St Louis Awardees in the future would do this latter since the community get few opportunities to hear about their research work.

Presentations were made by Dr. Douglas A. Keszler, Oregon State University, / Dr. Eric H. Majzoub, University of Missouri–Saint Louis, Dr. Alexander B. Barnes, Washington University, Dr. Paul A. Jelliss, Saint Louis University, and Dr. Klaus Woelk, University of Missouri University-Rolla. The presentations were all very well-received but perhaps the greatest impact was made by the youngest speaker Dr. Barnes.

The 2015 St. Louis Award Banquet was held on October 16 at a very special Location: the Glen Echo Country Club, the only golf course that ever hosted golf at the Olympic Games. That was when the Games were held in 1904 in St. Louis, mostly at Washington University and Forest Park.

We had an excellent turnout of 50 ACS members, guest and friends. Section Chair Pegah Jalili opened the formal proceedings by welcoming everyone to the 45th St. Louis Award Banquet, and went on to describe some of the recent activities and successes of the Section. She then acknowledged the presence of the honoree, Dr. Sophia Hayes, and her family, along with the Symposium Speakers, Section Officers present and former St. Louis Award winners. One of these was Dr. Derek Redmore, who was the recipient in 1982. She also welcomed Dr. Robert Blankenship of Washington University, the winner of the 2015 Midwest Award, which is also funded and administered by the Section. Those present then consumed an excellent meal which included an entrée of tenderloin Oscar: beef tenderloin topped with crabmeat, asparagus and a béarnaise sauce.

After dinner Dr. Jalili introduced William Buhro, Washington University Chemistry Department chair, who in turn introduced Dr. Hayes, the winner of the 2015 St. Louis Award of the St. Louis Section. Dr. Hayes was presented with a plaque and a check for $1,500, and she made a presentation titled “What I learned in Girl Scouts”. Actually we did not learn much about her Girl Scout career but we did learn lots of solid state chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance and how much she valued the contributions of her students, postdocs and collaborators.