Science Pub - Blobs in Space: Recent Results from Capillary Fluidics Research on the International Space Station

The CSMC and Calapooia Brewery would like to invite you all to Blobs in Space: Recent Results from Capillary Fluidics Research on the International Space Station a presentation by Mark Weislogel, Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Portland State University.

Description:  Bubble, drops, puddles, and splashes act quite differently when the dominating effects of gravity are gone. This is because when gravity is gone liquid surfaces are dominated by surfaces tension, wetting forces, and container geometry in surprising, unearthly ways. Engineers must understand it all to design spacecraft fluid systems that work the first time. In this presentation large scale capillary fluid phenomena will be presented taking results from drop tower, low-g aircraft, and International Space Station experiments. The video footage is enjoyable, and at times beautiful, but serves a critical role to confirm mathematical models predicting phenomena related to advanced spacecraft systems design (i.e., propellants, thermal fluids, life support, etc.).

Bio: Weislogel has conducted fundamental and applied thermal/fluids research, systems analyses, and engineering development since 1986. He has 10 years aerospace experience with NASA, specializing in microgravity capillary phenomena leading to numerous drop tower tests, low-g aircraft campaigns, and space flight experiments aboard the Space Shuttle, Russian Mir Space Station, and the International Space Station. He has over 4 years experience in industry designing carbon composite structures, passive cooling cycles, and large capillary systems. Weislogel is currently a professor at Portland State University since 2001 and his research interests focus on macroscale and microscale capillary-driven flows in complex geometries (capillary fluidics), passive cooling systems, microfluidics, and microgravity fluid mechanics. The recent construction of a high performance drop tower on the PSU campus has led to accelerated research in that facility where thousands of drops have been conducted in just two years of operation. Weislogel has over 85 publications and 6 patents.

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