Patent vs. publish and its effect on your career - CSMC Webinar

Moderator Maisha Kamunde-Devonish

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Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

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The question of whether to patent or publish is an important choice for researchers at all levels.  Depending upon industry or academia, the emphasis on patents and publications can differ.  Therefore, it is particularly important for graduate students to consider which path is best. Can the decision to patent or publish impact one’s career and what are the benefits of one vs. the other?  

How do industry and academia value patents and publications today?  What is important to consider when choosing to patent or publish?

Please join our panel in exploring these topics and more in the fourth of our ongoing series of Innovation Webinars presented by the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC).

The panelists will be taking your LIVE audience questions:

  • Find out how industry and academia weigh the value of patents and publications in today’s innovation-driven market!
  • Understand how having publications and patents affects your future job prospects!
  • Learn about important factors to consider when deciding whether to publish or patent one’s research!

Maisha Kamunde-Devonish, Graduate Student at the University of Oregon in the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, will be moderating the panel!

Our distinguished panelists:

Dr. Charles Williams, Assistant Vice President for Innovation, University of Oregon

Dr. Williams is the Assistant Vice President for Innovation at UO and responsible for overseeing the management of intellectual property, licensing  of UO innovations, and negotiating research grants and contracts. Chuck also serves as an adjunct instructor at UO’s School of Law.  Prior to joining UO in 2007, Chuck was  the Director of Digital Ventures at the University of Washington and lead instructor for UW’s Certificate in IP Management program.

Chuck holds a Ph.D. in Botany from the Univ. of Washington and a J.D from the University of Washington School of Law.  He is a  Washington State attorney with experience in sports entertainment and environmental law in addition to IP law.

Mr. Paul Harmon, Manager of Nanophotonics and Devices, Voxtel Inc.

Paul Harmon has wide experience making inventions real, ranging from technology conception to final product delivery and production. He leads a team of research scientists at the VoxtelNano subsidiary of Voxtel, Inc. Projects include quantum dot photon detectors and printed 3D gradient refractive index structures.  Earlier, Mr. Harmon was a Section Manager in the Advanced Research Lab of the Hewlett Packard Inkjet Business Unit. His team provided HP's first mass-produced photographic technology as well as page wide arrays of inkjet nozzles and the technology upon which HP's printing business now rests. Research in Paul's section created HP's Atomic Resolution Storage and the derivative world leading Richter MEMs accelerometer. He was a key designer of the original series of DeskJet printers.

Mr. Harmon received his MSME from Stanford University in 1989 and a BSME in 1981 from the University of Washington. Mr. Harmon holds 43 issued Patents worldwide.


Or come in person at OSU or UO, we'll have the webinar running at

OSU in Gilbert 324 and 

UO in the Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB) Room 417