NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Webinar

Find out more about the NSF – Graduate Research Fellowship Program
On Tuesday September 29th 1-2PM EDT (10AM PDT) we will be hosting a webinar with Timothy Patten from NSF. 
Tim will be providing an overview of the program, answering questions about the application process and providing insight from the funding bodies point of view. This will be a valuable session for those planning to apply and those interested in finding out more. 
There will be a live webinar via Youtube, along with a chat functionality through a second website (links below) in which program officers from NSF discuss the opportunities for students through the program. It should last less than an hour, and students will be able to ask questions from their individual computers via the links below. 
Senior undergraduates, first year graduate students and students just starting their second year of grad school are eligible to apply. Please share this opportunity with those students in your research groups that may be eligible. 
Join us: 
Questions will be fielded through the Chat link.