CSMC Professional Development Workshop

May. 22, 2014 9:00am to May. 23, 2014 1:00pm

University of Oregon

1252 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
United States

Headquarters of most of CSMC Outreach Events.

Intro: Using the Secrets of Story to Communicate Science   (75 minutes)

Scientists, engineers, and educators are called to explain our research and studies to the public.  Unfortunately, this work often involves methods, models, and ways of thinking that can overwhelm the uninitiated.  Is there a way to talk about science that will get people to listen, care, and understand?  Enter “story", the most powerful, efficient form of communication known to humankind.  This interactive workshop will explain how and why story works, and how to use the tools of story to craft effective and compelling science communication.  Participants will develop short story-based presentations on their  own research or science-related interest.

Workshop Goal:  This workshop will sharpen your ability to communicate science through story to the public and to your peers in both formal and informal presentations. 

Advanced:  Fusion Science Learning Design Workshop  (One-and-one-half day)

A playwright uses methods to grab your attention, make you care, and get you to watch and learn until the very end. These methods were adapted and used by Fusion Science Learning to design science shows that entertain, engage, and teach science concepts.   In this workshop, Holly Walter Kerby will

·        Describe and teach Fusion Science Learning methods;

·        Show how embedded assessment can motivate learning;

·        Demonstrate integration of methods in a live Fusion Science Theater show;

·        Work with groups of participants to create a custom-designed informal science activity or show

Workshop Goal: This workshop will teach you how to use theater techniques to design a learning-focused, interest-based science education activity.

About Holly Walter Kerby:

Holly Walter Kerby teaches chemistry and playwriting at Madison Area Technical College where she received the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007. She is a published playwright, and has worked in industry as a chemist and manager and in education as a researcher and supervisor of student teachers. 

Holly is the founder and Executive Director of Fusion Science Learning (FSL). FSL uses the secrets of theater to create outreach shows that actively engage children in learning science.  FSL is sponsored by Madison College and has received funding through two National Science Foundation grants.  This program received national recognition in the media and Holly was named Community College Faculty of the Year in 2012 for her work with the project.

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