Innovation Teams

Lens of the Market Program

Effective translation of research to market solutions requires the direct involvement of the innovators—the scientists and engineers—who have created and will continue to improve the technology. 

Establishing and communicating the value of research enables:

  • Professional development leading to the creation of jobs and career opportunities
  • Advancing and demonstrating the value of research in addressing the challenges faced by people and the planet. 

The CSMC has teamed with ecosVC to provide these opportunities to our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. 

Stage 1: "Putting the researchers in the driver's seat."

All CSMC members take this one day workshop to gain a global overview of how research can translate into innovation. Research2Innovation is predicated on researchers having a knowledge of science (a lens of research) coupled with knowledge of market requirements (a lens of the market).

Stage 2: "Nothing is an innovation unless the market says it is"

CSMC teams apply to participate in Stage 2: Innovation2Market, working over 3-6 months to develop clear value propositions and differentiators for the proposed offering, and build research plans to achieve market success. Workshops build the tools, skills, and process to define commercialization opportunities from research. 

Stage 3: "Commercial success doesn't just happen - you make it happen"

CSMC teams completing Stage 2 move on the Stage 3: Market2Scale-Up to develop business plans, business teams, and business structures to achieve market required success. 


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