Team Piezo

All of us in Team Piezo are interested in novel piezoelectric materials and what potential impact these materials could have in a number of applications. The applications we are interested in range from aerospace engines (creating better accelerometers and bearing-fault detection systems) to mobile phone technology (autofocus devices and acoustic wave filters) and sound systems (new speaker technology).

Broadly stated, we are looking to learn more about our chosen market/application pairs as we also learn more about how to make the transition from traditional research to innovation. We are looking to talk to experts at every step of the value chain as we learn how to craft a value proposition, conduct market research, make assumptions based off of market data and identify star markets. 


Michelle Dolgos is a first year faculty member in the Chemistry Department at Oregon State University.  She is interested in the design and characterization of electronic materials.  She is working to align her research so that it is guided by market needs. 
Jenn Amador is a third-year graduate student working for Dr. Doug Keszler. Her research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of new amorphous transition metal thin-film materials for use in electron-beam lithography.
Dylan Fast is a second year graduate student working for Dr. Michelle Dolgos. His research centers around creating next-generation piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials for devices using aqueous solutions with an emphasis on structural investigations utilizing x-ray and neutron scattering. He is currently the head of R&D for team Piezo and is working to develop a new formulation for use in piezoelectric MEMS actuators.

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