Team Electrochromics

Team Electrochromics is focused on electrochromic materials with potential applications in automotive and architectural glass, and color array filters. To this end we are performing broad stroke market research by reaching out and speaking to market leaders, potential end users, and entrepreneurial consultants.


Juan Carlos Ramos is a postdoctoral researcher in the CSMC.  His research is focused on design, synthesis, and development of thin films deposited by solution processes for electronic applications.
Ryan Mansergh is a second-year graduate student working for Dr. Douglas Keszler. Ryan’s research includes the synthesis and characterization of inorganic nano-sized clusters and their use as thin-film precursors.
Deok-Hie Park is a second year graduate student at Oregon State University in Dr. Doug Keszler’s lab studying the chemistry of water-soluble inorganic clusters and their thin film properties.

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