Industrial Internships

In collaboration with corporate partners and ONAMI, we provide opportunities for students and postdoctoral scholars to work in industry or with companies in the ONAMI GAP fund portfolio for periods of three to nine months.

These internships have been successful for our students, as many have taken positions with the companies.  In recent years, students have worked at several different companies, including Hewlett Packard, Intel, Solar World, Inpria, and Amorphyx.

Alan Telecky"The internship with Inpria afforded me the opportunity to experience the fast-paced nature of a start-up company in the semiconductor industry. While with Inpria, I was able to spend 6 months in Belgium working at the international lab IMEC. At IMEC, I gained first-hand experience in working in a state-of-the-art 300 mm fabrication lab and cleanroom, and I was a regular user of instruments related to current and next-generation high-resolution lithography, such as exposure tools, wafer tracks, and metrology instruments. I learned a new sets of vocabulary, gained frame-of-reference knowledge, and learned the relationships and relevant challenges with scaling up from the small academic lab to the full-fledged 300 mm industry fab. All of these experiences were invaluable in preparing me for a professional career in the lithography and semiconductor industry. The direct hands-on fab experience was invaluable to my professional development, as was the required collaboration between a wide variety of personnel (tool owners, researchers, technicians, etc.) that was necessary for success in such an environment. Such collaboration provided a real-world example of how research and development is conducted within an industry setting." – Alan Telecky



"At Corning Inc. I had the opportunity to experience industrial chemistry like never before. My group's task was to model amorphous solids atomistically and accurately, as to assist the thin films scientists on future chemical systems of interest. Although they were busy, several scientists worked directly with me to solve several research problems. These same scientists recognized and encouraged my input on other projects as well. Not only was Corning a stimulating research experience, it was also a welcoming environment."  - T.J. Mustard



Master's Industrial Internship Program

The Center has partnered with the Masters Industrial Program at UO to provide a unique pathway for students to enter a CSMC PhD program.

The program begins summer term with intensive course and lab work in one of two focus areas:

Photovoltaic & Semiconductor Device Processing
Polymers & Coatings