Industry Innovators

Close working relationships with several partner companies, such as Inpria, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Intel, provide strategic licensing opportunities. Our technology transfer offices maintain key relationships with high-tech companies and in some cases, offers venture funds to support student-led startups.

CSMC Partner Companies


Inpria designs and manufactures solution precursors for the deposition of high-performance thin films, addressing needs in device fabrication and patterning across multiple industries for example, semiconductor lithography, optical coatings, display backplane fabrication, and printed electronics.


The Amorphyx team is associated with the CSMC, working closely with its state-of-the-art laboratory and top-notch researchers. With its technological and chemical breakthroughs, Amorphyx is driving change in the display industry; finally offering a technology that display manufacturers can leverage to attain profitability and explore even greater display innovations.



Beet, Inc.

Beet high efficiency thin film solar cells based on a newly recognized absorber material platform. The proposed technology patented by the company founders, enables simple, polycrystalline thin film solar cell manufacturing in a tandem geometry allowing high photoconversion efficiencies, using low-cost raw materials and processes. 


SupraSensor seeks to commercialize remote sensors for fertilizer management in precision agriculture.