Gregory S. Herman

Greg HermanAssociate Professor
Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University


BS, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 1985
PhD, University of Hawaii, 1992

Honors and Awards

Sharp Laboratories of America Invention of the Year, 2010
Sharp Laboratories of America Faculty Scholar, 2010, 2011, 2012
Environmental and Health Sciences Division Outstanding Performance Award, 2000
U.S. Department of Energy Certificate of Appreciation, 1999
Interfacial & Processing Science Outstanding Performance Award, 1999
National Research Council Research Associateship Award, 1992
American Vacuum Society Student Prize, 1991
National Science Foundation International Travel Grant, 1991
Travel Grant from the Mercury Cadmium Telluride Workshop, 1990
University of Hawaii, Graduate Student Organization Travel Fund Award, 1990
University of Hawaii, Departmental Research Fellowship, 1988-1989
University of Hawaii, Certificate for Outstanding Achievement as a Teaching Assistant, 1987
University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Certificate for Outstanding Academic Achievement, 1985

Research Interests

My research expertise and interests include: detailed mechanistic characterization of novel inorganic resists for nanodimensional patterning; synthesis of quantum dots and inorganic solar cell nanoparticle inks using continuous flow microwave processes; integration of amorphous oxide semiconductors into thin film transistor and memristor devices and characterization of their surfaces and interfaces; and advancement of flexible electronic manufacturing methods with the focus on biological sensors. 
Currently my research focuses on the development of sustainable technologies for the production of materials, energy, and clean water resources, and technologies to improve energy efficiency and human health and wellness.

CSMC Research Thrusts

Nanopatterning (lead)

Recent Center Publications

  1. Flynn, B.; Braly, I.; Glover, P. A.; Oleksak, R. P.; Durgan, C.; Herman, G. S., Continuous flow mesofluidic synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoparticle inks. Materials Letters 2013, 107, 214-217.
  2. Flynn, B.; Kim, D.; Clark, B. L.; Telecky, A.; Arnadottir, L.; Szanyi, J.; Keszler, D. A.; Herman, G. S., In-situ characterization of aqueous-based hafnium oxide hydroxide sulfate thin films. Surface and Interface Analysis 2013.

Recent Press

  1. "Industry experience adds teaching value" Momentum!: Fall 2013 (Download)
  2. "Antifreeze, cheap materials may lead to low-cost solar energy" OSU News & Research Communications: July 2013

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Gleeson Hall 213
T: 541-737-2496
F: 541-737-4600

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