Bill Casey travels to Japan to accept Clair C. Patterson medal

In February we reported that Bill Casey would be traveling to Yokohama, Japan in the summer to accept the prestigious Clair C. Patterson award, which he received for the significant work that he's done with clusters. 
Bill and his family journeyed to the Goldschmidt Conference last month to do just that. He said it was "immense fun" to have his wife and son with him. When we asked him about the medal he said "it is through friends like those in the CSMC that I produced work that attracted the medal. Clair Patterson was the most influential geochemist of the 20th century.  He gave us the age of the Earth, then spent his time showing us that we are poisoning ourselves with lead, largely via gasoline. Everyone in the CSMC has a piece of this medal".
If you are interested in Bill's abstract from the 2016 Goldschmidt Conference you can read it here.