Team Pseudocapacitors

Team Psuedocapacitors is currently examining battery materials of the consumer electronics market. We are currently developing a better understanding of the market by connecting with market players, with the hope of identifying opportunities for targeted research.















Tsung-Han (Hans) Chiang is a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at Oregon State University under Dr. John F. Wager. His research includes electrical characterization studies of amorphous oxide semiconductors as a channel material for thin-film transistors, as well as a study on conduction mechanisms in various solution-deposited gate insulator materials.
Daniel Leonard is a second year graduate student in Dr. Ji’s research group. His research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel carbon materials for energy storage and catalysis applications.
Mengjun Li is a graduate student at Rutgers University in Dr. Eric Garfunkel's group studying the surface and interface characterization for inorganic functional materials and their properties.
Ismael Rodríguez Pérez a second year PhD student at Oregon State University. Currently working with Dr. Xiulei “David” Ji, investigating materials for energy storage, specifically investigating organic crystals as electrodes for energy storage applications in batteries and capacitors. He has worked with hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds with carbonyl derivatives, also investigating potential syntheses and characterization of these materials to fine-tune their electrochemical properties. He works with Li-ion, Na-ion, K-ion, and Mg-ion battery research, and have also tested several electrolytes for aqueous batteries. His research for finding more cost efficient, environmentally friendly organic materials for energy storage is on-going. 
Xingfeng Wang is a 4th year graduate student working in Dr. Ji's group at Oregon State University. Xingfeng is interested in studying electrochemical properties of different redox-active materials in supercapacitors and batteries.

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