Team Film Modulation

Our team is currently conducting market research to better align our laboratory research efforts with the needs of the market, while also seeking industrial partners who could benefit from our innovative thin-film coatings. These thin-film coatings can greatly improve the value of glass through the addition of scratch resistant, antiglare, antimicrobial, or self-cleaning properties.

These coatings can be applied in high-throughput environments in a manner which is more cost- and energy-efficient than many of the existing deposition methods to glass ranging in sizes from screens for handheld electronics to architectural window glass.


Sumit Saha is a Postdoctoral Scholar working with Dr. Douglas Keszler. His research is focused on synthesis and development of bimetallic carbonyl compounds for the precursor of thin oxide films. Comprehensive understanding of these compounds will inform us the design of inorganic resists for the next generation of electronic devices.
TJ Mustard is a fourth-year graduate student working with Dr. Paul Cheong. His research interests lie in two areas of chemical science: transition-metal catalysis and materials. In materials research, he is interested in atomistic models of amorphous metal oxides that accurately predict physical and electronic properties. 
Brandon Crockett is a first-year graduate student currently working for Dr. James Hutchison. His research encompasses solution processed semiconductors, with a focus on nanoparticle and metal hydroxide clusters for starting materials in thin-film applications.

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