CSMC Conference Room

Room Details: 

Oregon State University, Gilbert Hall 312
Conference Call Capabilities (OSU access code needed for long distance toll calls)
Web Conference Capabilities 
Set-up for Powerpoint Presentations
Designated laptop with internet access
White board 
20 people with default layout
30+ with tables removed (must provide additional chairs)
If you are interested in using the conference room please check the availability here and then fill out the meeting request form
Room Usage Rules: 
Please return the room to the default setting (four chairs at each table, pushed in), laptop secured, door locked.
You may have food in the room, but please make sure to wipe down the tables and clean up after yourselves. 
Recyclables go in the bin, everything else goes in the trash can. Large trash items (pizza boxes, etc) must be taken down to the dumpster. Please make sure all trash is off the floor when you leave. If there is a mess, cleaning supplies can be found in the far right cupboard.  There is also a vacuum cleaner in the corner.
All electronics should be powered down before leaving the room. 
Make sure the lights are off and the door is locked. Please close any windows (especially if it's raining).
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the room, and we appreciate your cooperation with these rules. The room does not get janitorial service so CSMC staff are responsible for the upkeep. 
Anyone not complying with the room will be reminded. We reserve the right to cancel reservations in cases of continuous misuse. We will enforce this.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
If you have questions about booking the room or general inquiries please email Amanda Polley (amanda.polley@oregonstate.edu)