Metal Oxo Chemistry Course

I will be teaching a graduate level course on aqueous metal-oxo cluster chemistry during our spring quarter here at OSU. It will cover the basics of hydrolysis and condensation and the ‘metal oxo wall’ and how these factors influence our ability to make clusters, aspects of aqueous chemistry (acid-base, counterions, concentration, speciation and Porbaix diagrams) and structure (basic polyhedral building blocks and cluster geometries), some fundamentals and tools to use crystallography to understand clusters, the basic known classes of clusters, historical aspects, applications, emerging cluster classes, and so on.

I am able to offer it remotely, and for credit, if there is interest. I would recommend that students interested in taking this course should take it for credit and a grade:  auditing usually equals dropping out. 

This could also lead to integration in our BI for Phase III—materials and precedence for CSMC academy for instance.  

CSMC students—please let me know ASAP if you are interested!


May Nyman
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Oregon State University