7 Tips to Write a Top-Notch and Convincing Essay

If you’re a college student, writing essays is something you won’t evade. It’s not just about writing essays but writing content that can capture the reader’s attention and persuade them. Your tutor only wants a fascinating persuasive essay to award you the best grade.

To write an argumentative type of essay, you’ll need to give solid evidence and convince the readers to go with your opinion. Now, how do you write such an essay? Check this out.

1. Outline your opinion

When writing essays, especially argumentative ones, always mention your viewpoint concerning the topic. Let it come at the beginning of your essay outline. You can mention it as a thesis statement. This will clearly show the reader what your stand is. Make sure you keep the rhythm to the end of the essay. Don’t contradict yourself.

Since you’re the writer, your opinion matters a lot to the readers. Make sure you justify it totally so that the readers can also support it.

2. Be fully aware of your audience

When you write an essay, there must be a targeted audience. The best idea is to try as much as possible to convince them with your argument. What kind of audience are you targeting? Are they likely to support your stance? What percentage of the audience will agree with you?

Well, these are some of the questions you should put in mind as you write the essay. Definitely, not everyone will support your argument. There’s a certain percentage of the audience that won’t agree with you. Strike a balance. Make sure you argue basing on both sides of the matter. An opposing view included can take care of the opposing audience. At least each side will be favored.

3. Argue with facts

If you’re to write a convincing essay then you’ll have to dig deep in terms of research. No argument can be valid without strong evidence. You must include supporting points that can be verified easily. For instance, information basing on experts’ opinion, statistics from credible sources, and writer’s own experience can be termed as true. 

Hence, you must conduct a lot of research to establish facts. This way, your readers will be persuaded by your essay. Be careful not to include any information which you aren’t sure of. Also, don’t give information with no credible or verifiable source.

4. Make your essay organized

You may have valid points; yes. However, the way you present them in your essay will determine what the reader will gain from it. Being an argumentative essay, you must make sure the reader is convinced by your facts backed up with solid evidence.

How do you arrange your ideas? Be very coherent and organized. Start with a thesis statement and let your readers know what the argument is all about. You can then outline your points in the body paragraphs. Make each point to appear at the beginning of each paragraph. You can then add supporting points in the remaining parts of the paragraphs.

5. Argue with passion

Giving a convincing argument also creates a strong impression of knowledge to the readers. You can persuade them with a little agitation to show how passionate you are with the topic of argument. Be careful not to sound too emotional or include your personal beliefs. This may turn out ugly.

If it’s a research paper, present your points in such a way that readers can believe that you studied indeed. Don’t leave any hanging points. Also, your points should be totally factual.

6. Stay upright

At no point should you write an essay just to convince an audience into believing a lie. Make sure integrity is upheld. Any false argument or evidence may deeply hurt some parties. Simply conduct your research and gather all the facts you can. Make sure you include points that can be found easily and from valid sources. Don’t just take ideas you hear from others and can’t be verified. 

Your essay should be base on three things; logical reasoning, ethical reasoning, and passionate reasoning. This way, you won’t have any incidences of compromising integrity. Don’t attack, judge, or try to hurt any party. 

7. Include a strong conclusion

In academic writing, the conclusion should always be strong. Avoid introducing new points in the conclusion. It should simply be a summary of the whole essay. Start with the thesis statement and the evidence presented in the essay. You can then draw a conclusion basing on the winning evidence. 


To wrap up, writing a good persuasive essay isn’t difficult. You just need to put the right ideas in place, conduct enough research, and give what your audience wants. Also, Rapid Essay is an amazing writing service that has high-quality writers. You can hire them to write awesome essays for you at a few dollars. This option can save you a lot of time and money.

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